Student Award

AUC established and endowed the Nadia Younes Award for Public and Humanitarian Service, allowing AUC to recognize and reward the best two graduating seniors who have exhibited the most commitment to community and humanitarian service.

The obligation of educated people to invest in communities through service initiatives is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a liberal arts education. Well-organized student involvement in community service is critical and, as AUC’s mission statement affirms, is “essential to foster students’ appreciation of their own culture and heritage and of their responsibilities to society.”

This award is an exceptional tribute to Nadia Younes’ service as well as to the students who have achieved this honor.


Award Recipients

February 2012: Malak Saad

June 2011: Noureen Ramzy

March 2011: Faisal Kattan & Farida Amin

June 2009: Menan Omar

February 2009: Kismet El Husseiny

June 2008: Soraya El Hag

February 2007: Nora Badra

June 2006: Amr Nasr El Din