Nadia’s Career

careerNadia had a full and varied career, spanning some 30 years. She was a life-long United Nations employee. Nadia’s UN career began in 1970 in the Office of General Services. She was simultaneously studying for an M.A. at New York University. These humble beginnings eventually lead her to climb the ladder and Nadia worked across a number of departments. The majority of her career was spent at the Department of Public Information, where she eventually became Spokesperson to the Secretary-General, Javier Peres De Cuellar.



Nadia also enjoyed some interesting foreign assignments. She was UN Ambassador to Italy and the Vatican in the early 1990’s, and then joined the UN mission in Kosovo, under the leadership of Dr. Bernard Kouchner.

This experience, more than any other, gave Nadia a sense that fieldwork was truly where positive change could be achieved. This desire to be involved ‘where the action is’ lead her to taking up the Chief of Staff position in the doomed Iraq mission. She died doing what she believed in and was good at. Those left behind must find consolation in that.



Nadia obtains her BA in English
Literature from Cairo University.


Nadia joins the United Nations.


Nadia obtained her MA in Political
Science and International Relations
from New York University.

1974 - 1988

Various posts and roles in the
Department of Public Information

1988 - 1993

Deputy Spokesperson to Secretary
General Javier Perez De Cuellar.

1988 - 1993

Director of the United Nations
information Centre in Rome.

1996 - 1998

Director of Media Division in the
Department of Public Information.


Chief of Protocol for
Secretary-General Kofi Annan

Jul 199 - Jan 2001

Seconded to UN Mission in Kosovo
as Director of the Information and
Communication Office


Resumes Chief of Protocol role for
Millennium Summit.

Aug 2002

World Health Organization
Executive Director in charge of
External Relations and Governing

May 2003

Chief of Staff to Sergio Vieira De
Mello, United Nations special
representative in Baghdad.